Thursday, August 5, 2010

Never, ever, ever

I saw this shirt on a very popular retailer's web site the other day and just had to do a post on it.
 Some people might look at this shirt and laugh; but in our family, and I'm sure in many of yours, there is nothing funny about this statement - especially when the shirt is made for little girls.  I remember when the worst statement a young daughter could display was 'Spoiled Rotten'.  This statement is definitely disrespectful and somewhat emasculating.  To suggest that father's are not capable of being strong enough to own their positions as dads by displaying the thought on a little girl's shirt is a little shocking to me.  I know there are those father's who answer to their girls - otherwise no one would have come up with this caption.  But not in this household.  No way, no how!


Loving Mommyhood said...

Well said, Julie. Another product of our self-centered society. The shirt should say, "Dad answers to God".

- Jenna