Thursday, August 5, 2010

Never, ever, ever

I saw this shirt on a very popular retailer's web site the other day and just had to do a post on it.
 Some people might look at this shirt and laugh; but in our family, and I'm sure in many of yours, there is nothing funny about this statement - especially when the shirt is made for little girls.  I remember when the worst statement a young daughter could display was 'Spoiled Rotten'.  This statement is definitely disrespectful and somewhat emasculating.  To suggest that father's are not capable of being strong enough to own their positions as dads by displaying the thought on a little girl's shirt is a little shocking to me.  I know there are those father's who answer to their girls - otherwise no one would have come up with this caption.  But not in this household.  No way, no how!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The New Bathroom

It turned out so well and I only wish I had the picture-taking ability to capture it just right!  But these will have to do.  Many thanks to the hard work from Brian and Dad!

That Girl

Aubrey is almost two years old and I don't know where the time has gone. She is such a cute little stinker and I have to document what she's about before she grows any bigger and I forget. It's so true that you remember everything about your first child and struggle to pay attention enough to remember what the second one does, what their personality is, etc. While Aubrey and Ellie are somewhat similar, they definitely have their differences. Ellie was walking and talking at 12 months. Aubrey JUST started walking; but has taken off and is just now increasing her vocabulary.  Her favorite things to say are:
  • Sees-uh (sister)
  • Thank ooh - she knows exactly when to say it, too!
  • Why - this means I want to watch Super Why!
  • Baby
  • Dogdog - her favorite thing - as in we can't lose it ever or we'll be in big trouble
  • Mama & Dada
  • Snow - she wrinkles her nose and says this very nasal-y.  Not sure where this came from!
  • Cerul - cereal

Aubrey loves to play pretend with her animals and baby dolls.  This is way earlier than Ellie enjoyed this type of play.  She pretends that she's feeding them and makes a clicking sound with her tongue and teeth as if she were eating.  Yesterday, Dogdog was attempting to eat upside down!  She also does this when she gives her baby dolls a bottle to drink.  We go through the motions of burping and rocking too.  She just loves it!  She'll take them for walks around the house in the baby strollers with sees-uh by her side.

Aubrey is quite the little dancer too!  While Ellie is now enrolled in dance lessons, her boogie-ing genes kicked in a little later.  Aubrey dances to just about anything - you just have to get her started.  Her favorite things to sing are 'La Lu La' - she just sings this when she's happy.  She also tries to sing Jesus Loves Me with us at bedtime now.

She loves playing with her sissy and Ellie loves Aubrey so much too.  They really play well together most of the time: coloring, playing kitchen, dolls, playing in their room, etc.  Ellie loves teaching Aubrey new things and really is a helper (and sometimes a little mother).  They especially love being in a room together now, which is so sweet and bound to deepen their relationship.

 Gotta have an Ellie picture.  I'll come back with another post about her later - she's amazing!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This one too!

Also from last year, this picture will go on display too! I wish I had the energy for beach trips and pictures this year! This one is from our Labor Day trip last year, which we will miss again this year. The two years we've missed it have been due to our fall babies!

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